Kit order

We have an on-line shop set up with our main kit supplier, Kukri Sports. This will keep the existing quality playing kit we have come accustomed to, but will also now expand our training and leisure wear options for our members.

Match Day Kit

Our Match Day Kit is of a “bespoke” nature due to the style / colour we have in place. This can now be ordered directly from the Kukri online shop. There will be windows open throughout the season to place your kit orders so that minimum numbers of orders can be achieved to meet the supplier requirements. This kit includes:

• Playing Shirts
• Playing Skorts / Shorts

To place an order, click on this link

Training & Leisurewear Kit

A new addition through our on-line provider Kukri, is that of an increased range of Training and Leisurewear. Orders can be made direct to Kukri on-line and items will be delivered to you directly. To place an order, click on this link

Additional Kit Order

If you are new to the Club / require playing kit urgently as your old one is lost / worn out, then please speak to Liz Dunnett ( Alternatively, if you require Away Shirts, Home or Away Socks then please place an order using the form below.