Every year we host an end of the season awards night to recognise our players and members for their achievements throughout the season/s. Here’s a list of all of our winners from past to present.

 Defender of the YearTop Goalscorer
Brian Broad Trophy
Player of the Year
Eddie Luther / Hugh Luther Award -
Young Player of the Year
2021 to 2022Andrew BerryJamie O'DellLyndon FordLiam Robertson
2020 to 2021N/AN/AN/AN/A
2019 to 2020Matt ChapmanOllie PeckOllie PeckCallum Berry
2018 to 2019Nathan WoodsGary O'DonoghueAndrew Berry / Nick O'DellStephen McLoughlin
2017 to 2018Andrew BerryOllie PeckNick HarrisLuke Scrivener
2016 to 2017Nathan WoodsOllie PeckMike ScrivenerToby Dunlea
2015 to 2016Jack ColemanDavid SmithDavid HadsleyJack Payne
2014 to 2015Harry MellowsJamie O'DellAlly StewartJack Downes
2013 to 2014Andrew BerryMike ScrivenerTom Dance
2012 to 2013Phil Dixon David Smith Will Dunnett
2011 to 2012Lester Farrant Finn Mumford
2010 to 2011Harry TruslerNick Harris
2009 to 2010L FarrantD Tyler
2008 to 2009C KnightH Jenkins
2007 to 2008P ScottS Langston
2006 to 2007O Peck J Coleman
2005 to 2006O PeckH Trusler
2004 to 2005L Farrant D Hadsley
2003 to 2004L Farrant M Farrant
2002 to 2003C Knight M Joffe
2001 to 2002M MalbyD Smith
2000 to 2001M Malby A Stewart
1999 to 2000M MalbyG Bull
1998 to 1999M Malby N Sutton
1997 to 1996L FarrantL Williamson
1996 to 1997L Farrant A Samuels
1995 to 1996D Pennell R Verma
1994 to 1995L Farrant A Williamson
1993 to 1994L Farrant / D PennellM Fallows
1992 to 1993L Farrant / D Pennell / R MacDonald M Nutt
1991 to 1992R MacDonald A Berry
1990 to 1991L Farrant D Reid
1989 to 1990M ScrivenerM Scrivener
1988 to 1989N EmesL Corbett
1987 to 1988T JonesR Collier
1986 to 1987D Pennell M Picknell
1985 to 1986C Dyer / K Hansen P Hill
1984 to 1985P Grummitt M Hill
1983 to 1984R MacDonaldN Tallentire
1982 to 1983R MacDonald G Sturges
1981 to 1982K MerrellN Haunton
1980 to 1981C DyerJ Smith
1979 to 1980G Farrant / K Merrell S Woods
1978 to 1979P CoyG Farrant
1977 to 1978J DeanS Hunt
1976 to 1977R MacDonald F Lawrence
1975 to 1976P CoyS Price
1974 to 1975D MoonA Bacon
1973 to 1974K Merrell/ D Moon C Hampton
1972 to 1973P Coy
1971 to 1972R Quicke
1970 to 1971K Hansen
1969 to 1970A Stevens
1968 to 1969M Knight
 Defender of the Year
Kevin Warne Memorial
Top Goalscorer
Frank Norledge Award
Player of the Year
Sylvia Ford Award
Young Player of the Year
Claude Bartlett Trophy
2021 to 2022Maxine NewtonHarriet DaviesAmy BryneIzzy Uzal
2020 to 2021N/AN/AN/AN/A
2019 to 2020Lauren SlaterKarina HudsonAlexa MarsdenEmily Davies
2018 to 2019Charlotte TriggsHannah NichollsMichelle WrightFreya Killilea
2017 to 2018Becky SimcockCharlotte MallinMegan MillerRobyn Hodges
2016 to 2017Lauren SlaterAmy BlackwellMichelle WrightRose Monaghan
2015 to 2016Lynn SextonB ColafrencescoAmy BlackwellRiva Siggins
2014 to 2015Maxine NewtonA DaviesA DaviesO Nugent
2013 to 2014Niamh RobesonB ColafrencescoF DixeyL M Tsang
2012 to 2013H DaviesL FalzonC Triggs
2011 to 2012A BlackwellM DixeyC Menear
2010 to 2011T HarrisF DixeyA Simpson
2009 to 2010V WyattV WyattR Harris
2008 to 2009V WyattE ThompsonA Davies
2007 to 2008A E MarstonM DixeyH Davies
2006 to 2007A E MarstonN A EmesA R Chiverton
2005 to 2006T HarrisJ BarrettD Marston
2004 to 2005S DaltreyH MarstonA Rogers
2003 to 2004S KnightsbridgeJ BarrettL Costello
2002 to 2003V WyattA MarstonM Dixey
2001 to 2002H MarstonV WyattA Marston
2000 to 2001T HarrisN JonesM Dixey
1999 to 2000C MarstonV WyattH Marston
1998 to 1999D LookerC MarstonE Thompson
1997 to 1996H HillN JonesE Looker
1996 to 1997H HillJ Williams / K Jing D Looker
1995 to 1996H BradmanE EllisH Ellis
1994 to 1995H BradmanJ KerryJ Williams
1993 to 1994H BradmanH BradmanE Ellis
1992 to 1993H BradmanN JonesN Jones
1991 to 1992H BradmanH Bradman
1990 to 1991L KingH BradmanL Cash
 Club Person of the Year
2021 to 2022Martin Nutt
2020 to 2021Jordan Southan
2019 to 2020Ryan Hodges
2018 to 2019Bella James
2017 to 2018Jo Monaghan
2016 to 2017Kerry Hodges
2015 to 2016Lloyd Sutton
2014 to 2015A Berry / M Scrivener
2013 to 2014J Hart
2012 to 2013T Dance
2011 to 2012M Scrivener
2010 to 2011N Trusler
2009 to 2010S Wright / C Wright / J Wright
2008 to 2009M Malby
2007 to 2008N Williamson
2006 to 2007J O'Reilly
2005 to 2006T Dance
2004 to 2005K Warne
2003 to 2004J Wright
2002 to 2003L Sutton
2001 to 2002L Farrant
2000 to 2001C Wright
1999 to 2000S Leathers
1998 to 1999A Tilbury
1997 to 1998M Pullin / P Scott
1996 to 1997J Sutton
1995 to 1996G Hostler
1994 to 1995H Bradman
1993 to 1994E Collier
1992 to 1993D Skipworth
1991 to 1992D Allen
1990 to 1991K Nutt
1989 to 1990D Pennell
1988 to 1989M Wainwright / M Hill
1987 to 1988W Collier
1986 to 1987S A J Hill
1985 to 1986B O'Brien
1984 to 1985J Alden