Bar Rota

Upminster Hockey Club 2018/19 Bar Rota

6:30pm – bar duty starts
11.00pm – bar duty finishes (unless it is really quiet in the clubhouse, in which case you can close anytime from 10pm)

• clear away glasses, bottles and any rubbish
• wash the glasses and put away afterwards
• refill the fridges
• change the barrels if needed
• cash up the till at the end of night (instructions next to till)
• lock up the clubhouse (instructions next to till)

If a club member does not show up to their allocated bar duty, they will not be selected the following week for any hockey team. It is a requirement from the club and should be respected by everyone.

If you cannot make your allocated bar duty, it is down to the individual to change their bar duty with another club member. You will then need to let Jordan know of the change using the contact details below, so he can update the online bar rota.

Jordan Southan (Bar Liaison Officer)