1 week to go….

We are now just one week away from the start of our Summer League Challenge!

Here are our X1 Teams and Euro 2020 Football hosts distances we will be looking to complete by Cycling, Running, Walking between 12th June to 12th July (original dates of Euro 2020). This is all to raise funds for the club with half being donated to Havens Hospices

Men’s 1s & Ladies 1s – Baku (3976km)
Men’s 2s – St Petersburg (2102km)
Ladies 2s – Bucharest (2093km)
Men’s 3 – Budapest (1451km)
Men’s 4s – Rome (1434km)
Men’s 5s – Copenhagen (957km)
Ladies 3s & 4s – Bilbao (942km)
Ladies 5s & 6s – Munich (919km)
U14s – Glasgow (556km)  ??????
U12s – Dublin (464km)
U10s – Amsterdam (348km)

We have made an application for a Charity JustGiving Club page. As soon as this is accepted we will share the details with you so we can start fundraising.

Good luck to you all!

UHC Summer League Challenge 2020