City of Peterborough [M3s] 2 vs 4 Upminster [M1s] – 15.10.16

A lacklustre Upminster side came out on top against CoP on Saturday. With midfield engine Eamon Devaney missing his alarm, then getting on the wrong train and due to arrive half way through the first half, the preparation for the match was not the best for the away side.
In a game that neither side will be able to say they ever really got into, there were some fairly even opening exchanges, before a momentary lapse in concentration saw Upminster’s midfield and defence part like the Red Sea, allowing Peterborough to squeeze in a reverse stick effort and take the lead.
Devaney arrived, coach Matt Malby subbed him his cab fare (students eh?) and Upminster rallied and equalised through Mike Scrivener. Both sides had opportunities to take the lead, but neither managed to and the sides went into half time leave.
In the second half, a well worked short corner gave Peterborough the lead as a vicious drag flick found the top left corner. The away side rallied and produced a solid spell of pressure, culminating with debutant Alex Mitchell slotting home to bring them level for the second time in the game.
Despite being unfortunately reduced to 10 men for 5 minutes, Upminster rose to the occasion, with Jamie O’Dell squeezing home, closely followed by Dave Hadsley expertly turning in at the far post to take the lead and subsequently extend it while shorthanded.
Chris Abrey turned from yellow card villain to hero as he cleared a close range Peterborough effort off the line to keep Upminster’s 2 goal cushion and the away side were able to play out the rest of the match and take 3 points back down the M11.
Upminster host Norwich City next week at Coopers looking to make it 3 wins in a row.