Annual and Weekly Subs

Monthly Subs

As I am sure you all appreciate, the committee and captains have put an enormous amount of effort into ensuring that you are able to play hockey. Annual Subscriptions are now due and should be paid by 31st October 2020. Given everything that is currently going on, club officials are not going to be able to chase everyone in the usual way so we hope you will take this upon yourselves to settle. If subs have not been settled by 31st October, those players that have not paid, or made arrangements to pay, will not be selected for games after that date until payment has been received. Clearly should anyone have any issues with the annual subscription, we would be happy to discuss.

Payment details can be found here on our Membership Page.

Weekly Subs

Thanks to all those that are now either paying the club or their captain directly for their weekly subs. While this has been taken up by the majority of the club we are still having to chase some people for money that has been outstanding, which is not acceptable. Taking this into consideration, if an individual weekly subs is outstanding for over two weeks they will be unable to be selected for the next week. Again should anyone have any issues with this, very happy to have a conversation.