UHC AGM – Thursday 1st July, 8pm

I hope you all enjoyed the end of season league and are looking forward to your summer break from hockey.

To finish the season, we have our club AGMs coming up to make a note of:

The Pavillion Club AGM is on 14th June at 8pm, currently planned to be via Zoom, although may be moved to the clubhouse. The Hockey and Cricket clubs are members of the Pavilion Club, so this AGM is open to all members.

The Hockey Club AGM is on Thursday 1st July at 8pm in the clubhouse and we also hope that people can attend online. The AGM is open for all members (or their parents) to attend. More details will be provided nearer the date.

Please contact me with any questions you have via honsec@upminsterhc.co.uk

Thanks, Ian

Ian Loman
Hon Secretary
Upminster Hockey Club