UHC Bobble Hats / Discount on Roos Sticks / OPRO Mouthguards Club Link

UHC Bobble Hats

UHC bobble hats are back and available in advance of the cold weather. These are once again £15 and available from Andrew Berry (Bezza) or Matt Malby.

Roos Hockey Stick 20% Discount

We have a club discount available with Roos Hockey https://rooshockey.com So if you are looking for a new stick, you can get 20% off by entering the Coupon Code UPHC20 when checking out.

OPRO Mouthguards

Great news also, we have link with OPRO which will generate funds to the club if mouthguards are ordered through them. These are renowmed as the best mouthguards around.

In order for us as a Club to benefit:

  1. Go to: https://www.opromouthguards.com
  2. Select the Mouthguard of Choice
  3. Select the colour
  4. Add this item to the basket
  5. View Basket
  6. Under the ‘Summary’ section click ‘Apply Promotion Code’
  7. Type in UHCOPRO as the code above and click ‘Apply Promotion’
  8. Proceed to Checkout