UHC 2018 Intra-Club Summer League

Thank you for showing interest and registering up to the Upminster HC 2018 Intra-Club Summer League. We have had great interest and have managed to put together 6 squads.

Just to clarify to everyone that this is a mixed team league with players of all ages and different playing levels. The intra-club summer league should be fun, whilst encouraging development to the newer and younger players. The games will be 11-a-side on a full pitch and some drinks will be sold on the side of the pitch for players and spectators alike.

Please see the other details below……

Venue: Coopers Company and Coborn School
Dates: every Wednesday from the 16th May to the 18th July
Times: 40 mins games, 5 min break with 20 mins each way. 10 mins to warm up before the game.

Pitch available from: 6:45pm
Game 1: 6:50pm – 7:35pm
Game 2: 7:45pm – 8:30pm
Game 3: 8:40pm – 9:25pm

Kit colours:
Home team: Blue & Yellow home top
Away team: Red or White top

£40.00 discounted match fee’s if paid before or at the first game on Wednesday 16th May (£5 per game = BARGAIN!!)
£10.00 match fee for individual games

You can pay directly into the clubs bank account using the following details or pay cash on the night to your captains.

Upminster HC

*** Failure to pay on the night prior to playing or prior to the summer league commencing, will result in you NOT playing ***

All the umpires for the games will be club umpires. As per normal, can you please show them the respect that they deserve and play the game to their decisions. We will be having some players try umpiring during this summer league with experienced umpires, so let’s please help them to get involved and support the club for the future.

Each team will have an allocated goalkeeper but they might not be available each week. If this happens I would recommend that the captain’s ask a goalkeeper from another team to see if they can double up.


Amazing Australia
Olivia Martin (C)
Zoe Leftly (GK)
Jack Coleman
Megan Desmond
Andrew Berry
Kirsty Cook
Callum Berry
Holly Proctor
Paul Middlemiss
Claire Grey
Aiden Hewitt
Sonata Beach
John Beach
Guy Robertson
Liam Robertson

Brilliant Belgium
Aimée Daltrey (C)
John Daltrey (GK)
Jo Monaghan
Jim Monaghan
Rose Monaghan
Lloyd Sutton
Sarah Lower
Alex Mitchell
Amber Broaden
Nick Haunton
Chelsea Robertson
Stephen McLoughlin
Cara Robertson
Bradley Loman
Chloe Palmer-Anscomb
Matt Tilbury

Energetic England
David Young (C)
Liam Kelly (GK)
Lily-Mai Tsang
Matt Malby
Paula Haden
Phil Hudson
Tina Davidson
Will Bonner
Lucia James
Will Doyle
Harriette Mortlock
Christian Bailey
Isabel Tookey
Dave Hadsley
Mali Tookey
Robbie Smith

Fantastic France
Mike Scrivener (C)
Naomi McCarthy (GK)
Nathan Woods
Lucy Scrivener
Rob Fordham
Hannah Scrivener
Nick Green
Robyn Hodges
Charlie Mills
Jackie Foley
Chris Spzak
Sarah Foley
Colin Wright
Talulah Brown
Ralph Berner
Francesca Bland

Gorgeous Germany
Kerry Hodges (C)
Tom Marston (GK)
Bethan Hodges
Nick Hull
Megan Banks
Tobi Dunlea
Isabel Collet
Ryan Hodges
Isabel Bramwell
Ian Loman
Karen Kane
Ciaran Loman
Lola Kane
Ross Loman
Phoebe Smith
Lester Farrant

Sizzling Spain
Jordan Southan (C)
Gina Dickson (GK)
Sam Langston
Alexa Marston
Luke Scrivener
Aimee Banks
Garry O’Donohue
Megan Banks
Martin Nutt
Hannah Nicholls
John Dunnett
Liz Dunnett
Will Dunnett
Taya Brooks
Aisling Woodhead
Dan Boran

Captains will contact their team members to check availability and to ensure that they can get a team out. Can I please ask everyone to respond to them as quickly as possible or even advise their availability for all the league fixtures, as you know the dates above.

You may get added to a WhatsApp group chat to help speed up the communication. If you have any issues with this, can you please let either myself or the captain know and we will not add or remove you from the group chat.

Please click the link below, which will take you to our UHC Intra-Club Summer League area, which shows the league table, fixtures and results.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me and I look forward to seeing most of you next Wednesday for our first night of fixtures.


Jordan Southan
UHC Summer League Organiser