Upminster [M4’s] 0 v 5 Wapping [M9’s] – Sat 21st October 2017

Half time 0 – 5
Full time 0 – 5

Defender of the Match – Stephen McLoughlin
Man of the Match – Stephen McLoughlin

Upminster’s poor first half performance once again put the game to bed before the half time break. Sloppy defensive play and the inability to keep the ball cost the host as they conceded five goals, four of which could and should have been avoidable. The second half was once again more fruitful and the U’s could have found their way into the match if Pecks short corner strike was a few centimetres to the left of the upright and if his penalty flick hadn’t struck the post. Stephen McLoughlin rightly took man and defender of the match for a solid performance. Upminster need to show more effort and composure in the early stages of the game just to give them a chance of competing in the latter stages.